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" In my opinion, the great single need of the moment is that light-hearted superficial religionists be struck down with a vision of God high and lifted up, with His train filling the temple. The holy art of worship seems to have passed away like the Shekinah glory from the tabernacle. As a result, we are left to our own devices and forced to make up the lack of spontaneous worship by ...bringing in countless cheap and tawdry activities to hold the attention of the church people." ~ A.W. Tozer

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

LIFE.. it's crazy sometimes

Hey everyone! So sorry I've not kept in better communication. Life, it's been crazy. So let me catch you up on the year so far. Back in the summer of last year I transferred to a new Dialysis clinic with the company I work for. I went there to be a secretary but that didn't work out so I'm back out on the treatment floor with patients.

Last December marked the start of my 3rd year working in Dialysis. It's been tough. Dialysis is not an easy field. We work with some very sick people and it seems like we lose more each year.

I'm continuing to learn more and more about homesteading. I met a man and his wife last August and they have become a sort of mentors and teachers with their homestead/ farm. He taught me how to butcher, clean and process a chicken last Fall. I'm also hoping to buy some chicks off him this year so I can start my own flock of layers and meat birds.
  Continuing with that dream, I moved back in with my mom back in April to save some money towards a home and land of my own. Mom has been kind enough to allow me a good bit of freedom with my ideas and dreams of being more self-sufficient. I help her with things around her home and by living with her, I am able to save more money. I'm only planning to be here long enough to get a down payment on a home but I'm praying and seeking the Lord. I've had some other things come up that have me wondering if this is really the next right step for me or not.
  In all this time, I've not been idle though. I put in a good size garden for mom and myself this year. It was 14x24 and we had tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, okra, green beans, green onions, and squash. While the Okra once again didn't produce, we got more than enough of the rest of it. We were able to freeze 5 quarts of squash and green beans. Right now we have more tomatoes than we know what to do with so I think I may try to make some spaghetti sauce to freeze as well.
 While my mom has two red hens that keep us in eggs, I'm really wanting to get some meat/ laying birds so I hope by fall we'll have some Barred Rock chicks. I want at least 4 maybe 5. I'm not looking for a rooster right now though. I can't afford to be having chicks of my own.

I would like to raise meat rabbits too for meat and their fur but I'm still learning about those and I'm not sure of anyone in the area that I could buy from. We use to have rabbits as pets when I was little but that was different, we didn't eat them and they were the white rabbits. I don't even know what breed they were. If anyone knows more, let me know. I think it would be good to raise honey bees and goats too but I really don't want any BIG livestock. I'm not sure if the Lord would have me to marry or not, though I would like very much to marry, so I have to consider what I could reasonably do on my own and I can't handle big livestock on my own. I have lots of ideas about this stuff but I don't want to go into all of that right now. This is suppose to be just an update.

So April was full of moving and putting in a garden. Later mom allowed me to put up a clothes line. That was interesting. It didn't last though. HAHAHA It fell and now the dog uses it as a tug-o-war toy. I would like to get her an actual clothes line from Lehman's catalog but they are kind of expensive. (I've come to like looking at Lehman's catalog) Oh and I had my 31st birthday.

May and June were full of  work, church, garden and family life. In May I was also in a car wreak but it wasn't too serious. I had a sprained shoulder and neck. It still likes to flare up from time to time even now but I will be ok. I also became an Herbalife member in June for weight loss. Unfortunately, I have not done as well as I had hoped in that area. There's been so much going on that keeping up with my diet has kind of taken a back burner in more than one instance. There was also my sister, Amy's wedding in June. So that was fun. It was a small family affair but beautiful all the same.

With this month came VBS at church again and I was able to switch up age groups this year. Instead of working with the youngest age group like I usually do, I asked if I might be allowed to branch out a bit and work with an older group. I was placed with the junior girls, this year and I really enjoyed it. What a blessing those girls were. I expected them to be very "boy-crazy" but I was surprised that they were not. They were a good group and they listened well to the lessons. I still pray for them. I see them at church still and I go to speak with them when I can. I have been talking with our Pastor's wife about getting an activity together for them all. It would be nice.

Looking ahead, August brings school and my nephews will be going back. This will be the youngest one's first time in school. He'll be in kindergarten. I hope he keeps his sweet nature despite what he will face in school. I pray for him daily because up to this point he has been sheltered from a lot of the world's ugliness. I don't like the idea of him being in public school but it's not my decision so I have to pray and trust God to protect him.
     August also brings our family camping trip. We usually go much earlier in the year but with my sister's wedding in June, about the time we normally go camping, we weren't sure if we'd even get to go this year so I'm really excited to take my nephews before the school year starts up. I love to go camping!
   I hope to put in our Fall garden in August as well. I have some work to do though. Our squash, beans and onions are done for the summer so I plan to cut them down and till up the earth again and expand our garden to plant for Fall. I could have already been planting some but life has been crazy so I'm not getting as early a start as I had wanted. I've been putting in a lot of crazy hours at work the last couple months with everyone taking trips and visiting family and that has kept me from doing a lot of other things that I would like to have done by now.
   September will bring the Church's birthday and annual revival again. Fall will start and so will come the cooler weather, leaves changing color, and so on. It's a busy, crazy, beautiful life....

"The greatest adventure for the Christian is a life lived by faith in God."