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" In my opinion, the great single need of the moment is that light-hearted superficial religionists be struck down with a vision of God high and lifted up, with His train filling the temple. The holy art of worship seems to have passed away like the Shekinah glory from the tabernacle. As a result, we are left to our own devices and forced to make up the lack of spontaneous worship by ...bringing in countless cheap and tawdry activities to hold the attention of the church people." ~ A.W. Tozer

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May God bless you all! I guess it's time for another update. it's been a while since my last one. Please forgive all of the grammar and punctuation mistakes in this post, I'm trying it out on my phone and I'm doing the voice typing and it doesn't always recognize punctuation.
Since my last post back in February I have since continued to learn about homesteading and am working towards finding a property at this time. I am also still working for the dialysis clinic though I have transferred from one clinic to another since May. Today marks the one year anniversary since my Dad's passing. I still miss him very much and I'm sure my family does as well but glad to know that he's in heaven. It is also my youngest nephew's 5th birthday.

The picture posted is some spinach bites that I made for my family for tomorrow. they actually taste like mini spinach pizzas. If nobody else likes them, I do.

I have also gained a homesteading mentor he's promised to help me learn how to put your chickens rabbits and possibly hogs. I took a handgun class back in August. I passed with flying colors. I'm pretty proud of that accomplishment.

Oh! I don't want to forget my puppy also had a birthday back in August. she turned 1 year old. Sometimes I worry that I don't stay with her enough or that she's not getting enough activity. I wish I was a better pet parent but when you work 40 plus hours a week it's hard. it's like being a single mom.

The only thing to update you on now is the fact that my very bestest friend ever is getting married on New Years Day! It's kind of bittersweet. I'm so glad that she has met her prince charming and that they are getting married and starting their life together and being so happy but at the same time I kind of feel like I'm losing her little bit. I'm also a little envious if I were to be completely honest. I kind of wish I was the one who had met the man that God had for me and that I was the one getting married and maybe one day having children. But you know what that's something I've just got to have faith in God about. I certainly hope that he has that in his plan for me and I hope that it's sooner rather than later because at 30 years old I don't know how much child bearing years I have left. But I guess if the women in the Bible can have children on up in their old age than God can do that for me too if its his will. Sometimes I don't think I have enough faith and patience in him though. It can be hard to wait upon the Lord and to trust that he actually hears your prayers and that he will answer and it can be hard to admit that maybe his answer is not the one that I want to hear. But his will is best because he knows what is best for me. God knows my heart like no other and he really only wants what's best for me because he loves me. I want you to know that he loves you too and if you just put your faith and trust in him and ask him to be your savior then he will and you can trust him to look out for your best interest too. you can put all your faith and trust in him. I know I'm not always the best example of a perfect Christian but that doesn't mean that it's any less true. And what better time of year to ask him to be your savior then Thanksgiving especially when it's followed by Christmas the holiday that we celebrate his birth! Well anyway I just wanted to give everybody an update on what was going on and the I hope you're still reading after me. maybe now I can keep more in touch.

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