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" In my opinion, the great single need of the moment is that light-hearted superficial religionists be struck down with a vision of God high and lifted up, with His train filling the temple. The holy art of worship seems to have passed away like the Shekinah glory from the tabernacle. As a result, we are left to our own devices and forced to make up the lack of spontaneous worship by ...bringing in countless cheap and tawdry activities to hold the attention of the church people." ~ A.W. Tozer

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Holy Women Bible Study lesson #09- Esther, A Woman of Temperance

In order to profit from this lesson please carefully read chapters 1-7 of Esther before answering the questions.

1) Describe King Ahasuerus.

2) Describe Esther.

3) Do you believe there is a connection between her maturity in responding to wise councel and her fruit of temperance? Explain (Esther 2:10, 15, 20).

4) How does knowing the will of God (4:14) help one control one's actions?

5) In what ways did Esther model victory over self-gratification (4:11-17)?

6) How did she exemplify control over her tongue (5:1-8; 7:1-6)?

7) What actions did Esther take to ensure self-control (5:1-8; 7:1-6)?

8) What benefits came out of her victory?

9) how did her temperance help others?

10) Titus 2 used the example of refusing wince when setting forth temperance. Can you name other areas, besides wine, that might entangle a woman's life?

11) Why is such self-control a requirement for teaching others?

12) Explain how some things which are good in themselves can be bad by misuse (Proverbs 24:13; 25:16,27).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holy Women Bible Study lesson # 8- Speak with Kindness

Little member is what God calls the tongue, but great blessings and great evils flow therefrom.

1) The virtuous woman speaks with kindness (Proverbs 31:26).
  Discuss positive ways you can use your tongue from:
Psalms 34: 1-3            Proverbs 12:18
Proverbs 12:25          Proverbs 15:1
Proverbs 16:23-24

2) Give an example of someone who recently ministered to you with their speech. Explain why their words were so meaningful.

3) When it is impossible or impractical to overlook an offense, why is it best to talk directly to the party involved before discussing the matter with anyone else?
Proverbs 25:9-12                  Matthew 18:15
Luke 17:3-4

4) From the passages listed below, what is involved in being a wise reprover? 
Proverbs 9:8-9                    Proverbs 25:15
Galatians 6:1                      Ephesians 4:15
Colossians 4:6                    1 Samuel 25:23-25

5) Define flattery.

6) Why does someone flatter?

7) Why is it wrong according to 
Proverbs 12:2       Proverbs 12:17-19
Proverbs 26:28    Proverbs 29:5

8) Why does someone nag?

9) Describe the effects of nagging based on 
Proverbs 19:13              Proverbs 21:19
Proverbs 25:24

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Holy Women Bible Study Lesson #7- Miriam, an unrestrained tongue

It is important that the student read Numbers 12: 1-15 at least three times before answering the questions.

1) How did Miriam want others to see herself and Aaron?

2) What lay at the root of Miriam's sin?

3) What statement in verse 2 is so often forgotten by those who gossip?

4) How did God view Moses (verses 3-9)?

5) How did God view the sin of Miriam (verses 9-14; Proverbs 6: 16-19; 1 Timothy 5:19-20)?

6) Why does God consider gossiping such a serious sin?

7) Comment upon Proverbs 11:9, Proverbs 16:28, Proverbs 17:9, Proverbs 17:20, Proverbs 26: 20-23

8) Can you think of a situation where you have been personally hurt by gossip?

9) Can you think of a situation where you have hurt another with gossip?

10) Did you learn anything from the two experiences? Explain.

11) What effect did Miriam's sin have on the others (verse 15)?

12) How can you help stop gossip according to Proverbs 14:15, Proverbs 15:28, Proverbs 17: 27-28, Proverbs 18:13, James 3:2-18.

13) How does giving ear to gossip make one a partaker of the evil deed?

Holy Women Bible Study lesson # 6- Mary and Martha, Cumbered vs. Contented

Look over Luke 10: 38-42 at least three times before answering the questions.

1) in the passage at hand two sisters desire to please Jesus. Why is Mary praised?

2) Why is Martha rebuked?

3) How might Martha have been different if she had taken time to listen to Jesus before she served?

4) What charge did Martha make against Jesus in verse 40?

5) Have you ever felt this way under the pressures of daily work? Explain.

6) What charge did Martha make against Mary in verse 40?

7) Discuss how our self-love leads us into bad attitudes toward others?

8) What does verse 40 teach about the prayers of one whose perspective is faulty?

9) define cumbered 

10) Are you ever in this condition? Why?

11) How can you serve more like Mary?

12) How does Jesus describe true servitude in Mark 10: 42-45?

13) Relate this description to the passages in Titus and Proverbs 31 from earlier lessons.

14) Can you think of a situation in your life where effective service came after spiritual worship?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Life Update

Just letting people know on here that I have set up a sewing Facebook page called Katie's Kreations where you can see all my patterns and rates for sewing. Also i have just completed a music CD of live recordings of hymns I have sung at my church. If you'd like a copy of it please let me know. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Careful For Nothing

I often struggle with allowing my thoughts to become worrisome of things I can not change or control. I was reading a devotional this evening and it struck me that it was dealing with that very topic and I wanted to share.

"Be careful for nothing; but in everthing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." (Philippians 4:6)

   Many of us know those types of precious people who seem to thrive on making sure the details are right. They keep us careful, insure our safety, and strengthen our plans, and yet that same strength can lead to anxiety, troubling our souls and dominating our lives. Our verse today warns us about this facet.

Our Lord gently admonished in Luke 10:41: "Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things." Martha, Mary, and their brother Lazurus were longtime associates of the Lord Jesus. He had spent many hours in their home and had come to love them as close friends. No doubt Martha had often "given thought" to Christ's visits and had been "in turmoil" over the details many times. But our gracious Lord saw the circumstances controlling Martha, and He softly insisted that she not lose the thing of greatest value by sacrificing the permanent on the altar of the immediate.

And that is the admonition in our text. Nothing should absorb us so much that we attempt to solve things on our own before submitting our requests to our Lord. Jesus made it pretty clear: "Take no thought for your life, what ye shall put on" (Matthew 6:25). Look around, our Lord insisted. The birds and the flowers can't be altered by our "thoughts." 

After all that Job's friends did to "encourage" him, our great Creator reminded Job of the many wonders that he could see if he paid attention. Nothing is beyond the care of our Lord. Sometimes, we need reminding too.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy Women: Bible Study lesson #5- Hannah, The Fear Of the Lord

Sorry folks. Seems I get slack when it comes to these long studies...

               Every nation stumbles and falls when its people lose proper reverence for God. While He condescends to redeem fallen man, we should never fail to own Him as "the High and Lofty One."

1) Read Psalms 31:19; Psalms 111:10; Psalms 112:1; Psalms 147:11; and Proverbs 8:13 and then write a paragraph defining the fear of the Lord.

2) Next to the following life situations write "p" if you have battled them in the past or "c" if you are battling them currently. For those in the past, how did God grant the victory?
physical appearance
children or lack of them
relatives or in-laws
lack of ability
spouse or lack of one
station in life
death of a loved one

3) How did Job, the righteous man who suffered innocently, respond to his trials (Job 23:1-12)? What result came out of his suffering (Job 42:12)?

4) Sometimes God uses suffering to deal with His children who are not following Him or fearing Him. Why does he allow trial in the case of disobedient believers (Jeremiah 24: 5-7; 29:11-14; 31:10-14)?

5) In each of the following situations, explain how trials can result in God's glory, our benefit and the benefit of others:
grief  2Corinthians 1:3-4
trials  James 1:2-4
troubles  2Corinthians 4:16-18
illness  2 Corinthians 12:7-10
persecutions 1 Peter 4:12-14

6) Write of an incident in your life where personal difficulty brought about special glory to the Lord.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Holy Women: Bible Study lesson #4- Hannah, A Tried Woman

Lesson #4
Hannah, A Tried Woman

Very close examination of 1 Samuel chapter 1 is recommended before answering the questions.

1) From verses 1-8 describe Hannah's conflict.

2) Who was responsible for her condition?

3) How does God use hardships to bring blessing into our lives?

4) How did Hannah first respond to her condition (vv.6-7)?

5) Can you think of a conflict in your own life that affected you in a simular way? Explain.

6) What did she finally do to overcome her bitterness (vv.9-19)?

7)What principles can we learn from Hannah's prayer (v.11)?

8)Describe the changes in Hannah's attitude toward the Lord, and toward her husband (1:19- 2:1).

9) List some benefits that Hannah experienced as a result of her victory in dealing with her problem of barrenness (1:27-28; 2:20-21; 3:19-21).

10) In light of 1 Samuel 2:17, how do you think Hannah would have reacted at this point if she still did not conceive? Explain.

11) Apply each of the following verses to Hannah's life, and to your own life.
Proverbs 9:10
Proverbs 15:33
Proverbs 22:4
Revelation 14:7

12)Hannah voluntarily surrendered her most valuable possession to the Lord. Who benefited from this surrender and in what ways?

13) Is there something God has asked you to surrender that is not yet yeilded to Him? Write out the reasons why.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Romans 6: 12-16

The Holy Spirit pointed these verses out to me in my quiet time this morning and I wanted to share them...

"Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof. Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments unto God. For sin hath not dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace. What then? shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid. Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?" Romans 6:12-16 AMEN! GET RID OF WHATEVER SIN MAY BE IN YOUR LIFE AND LIVE RIGHT!


GLORY TO GOD I GOT IT! :-D After a great week of revival messages and the Lord working in my own quiet time, then this evening I saw a person that 9 years ago because of sin in our hearts left me with scars on my heart and testimony and gave satan the ammo he needed to beat me down for 9 long years... I knew I had the Lord's forgiveness and mercy but I still struggled greatly. but when I saw that person today in passing, we only nodded at one another and there was PEACE in my heart! God given peace! It was such a surprise and such a wonderful blessing. That I had to stop and bow my head in thankfulness to the Lord, Almighty for His goodness and mercy on a worthless sinner like me... It sent me to shouting! I had some odd looks by some passers-by but I didn't care. Oh the goodness of God! I feel like I could take on the world! THANK YOU LORD!!! I just wanted to share with everyone what God's done for me! I GOT IT! I hope you got it too.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Holy Women: Bible Study Lesson # 3- The Virtuous Woman

this is lesson #3 of the Holy Women Bible Study by : James Knox

Lesson #3
The Virtuous Woman

One would do well to read Proverbs 31: 10-31 at least 3 times before answering the questions.

1) Find Titus 2 qualities illustrated in Proverbs 31:10-31.
Behavior as becometh holiness
self-control, not given to bad habits
love for children
teacher of good
control of tongue
love for husband
keeper at home

2) What does the Bible say about virtuous women in Proverbs 31:10 and Ecclesiastes 7:28? To what is she compared? What does this tell us about the number of such women in our world?

3) How can a single girl model the qualities of Proverbs 31?

4) Discuss one of the qualities of Proverbs 31 that you learned from observing the life of an older woman.

5) The "bottom line" quality of the virtuous woman is fearing the Lord (vs. 30). How does this trait make all the others possible?

6) Make a list of the particulars in Proverbs 31:10-31. If there is not an exact match in today's economy place one next to that on your list. (e.g. spindle and distaff= sewing machine). Next to each, grade yourself (A, B, C, D, E, F,) as to how your life matches the Biblical ideal.

7) Now take the same list and write next to each particular a woman from the Bible and a woman that you have known personally who exemplified such a trait.

8) What steps can (will) you take to "bring your grades up?"

Clarify your vision

These were some questions posted by a friend after a lady's retreat she went to. I thought they were great questions to ask myself and wanted to share.

Clarify Your Vision

1) What is your purpose, where are you headed?

2) What are your values and priorities?

3) To what degree is that purpose translated in your life?

4) What would a stranger conclude about your purpose after watching you a few weeks?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Holy Women: Study Guide for Christian Ladies Lesson #2

Foundations #2

Lesson #2 will be far more meaningful if you will carefully read Titus 2: 1-5 before answering the questions.

1. Whom are women to teach?

2. In what ways is such teaching done?

3. Define sober and list some areas of life where sobrity is needed.

4. Why do you think we have limited sobrity to the area of intoxicating drink, taking from the word its broader meaning?

5. List some ways young women may be taught to love their husbands? Explain the difference between acts and attitudes.

6. What does it mean for a woman to love her children? How can this be taught?

7. Define discreet and list some areas of life where discretion is needed.

8. Why is the command to be keepers at home essential if one is to be fullfill the prior commands in verses 4 & 5?

9. Define obedient. Is this command relevant in our day? Explain how ignoring God's command leads one into the philosophy of the world?

10. Define blasphemy. How is the word of God blasphemed by a disobedent woman? How does such an attitude affect one's teaching of the young women?

11. List some areas in your life that are not surrendered to God's will and how they could potentially harm others.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holy Women: Study Guide for Christian Ladies preface and lesson #1

This is a new study guide that I wanted to post. It is 30 lessons long and is written by James W. Knox. It is a lot of scripture reading and answering questions about the scripture. It has been a good study for me. I hope you enjoy too.

Today is the Preface and Lesson #1: Foundations


You have before you thirty lessons, carefully designed and prayerfully constructed which will lead and guide the sincere woman iunto God's truth regarding feminine holiness and virtue.

It may surprise some who undertake these studies to find how much of the Bible is written to or about women. Several large volumes of commentary exist which deal entirely with the female characters found in the word of God. Thanks be to our Heavenly Father, He has not left us in the dark on matters of such vital importance as character, conduct, spousal relations, and child rasing. What a joy to know that the woman who will but believe the Bible and yeild her will to the control of the Holy Spirit may live a life of virtue and honor in the eyes of God and man.
   The lessons which follow will each present a series of questions on a particular theme. These questions are worded so as to compel the student to search her heart and examine, not only her actions, but her motives. The greatest profit will be derived by those who face these questions with the greatest degree of honesty.
   When this study is complete, the sincere woman will know what God's Word teaches, where her life needs repair or improvement, and how such corrections may be prayerfully accomplished.
  Some dear ladies may be tempted to dispair, for the philosophies of this world, both secular and religious, have led our generation so far from the ideal there seems little or no hope of ever reaching God's mark. Yet, the scripture declares: He which hath begun a good work in you WILL PERFORM IT until the day of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:6).  The one who made us by His wisdom and power certainly knows how to remake us by His marvelous grace.

Those who wish to profittio from these lessons wiil:
1. Pray over each one and then answer every question as thoroughly as possible.
2. Be certain all answers are supported by scripture and cite references where possible.
3. During the course of this study commit Titus 2: 3-5; Proverbs 31: 10-31 and 1 Peter 3:1-6 to memory.
4. If you have a group of trusted friends within your local church, arrange to review these lessons together that you might learn from and pray for one another.

Some counsel for those who lead group discussions:
1. Do not turn meetings into a lecture time. Guide and moderate the meeting, do not control or dominate the meeting.
2. Encourage open discussion, but avoid the scandalous. Some things are best confessed and forsaken and not confessed again.
3. Do not force anyone to give an answer to a question where they do not wish to do so. Let those answers intended for the student and her Lord only, remain so.
4. Should the Spirit of God breathe on your meeting, and prayer be wont, stop and seek the face of Jesus Christ. Better to help one soul, settle one matter, than to rush through a lesson for sake of a schedule.
5. Be certain all answers are supported by scripture adn cite references where possible.

Lesson #1 Foundations
In order to gain the most from this lesson, please read Titus 2:1-5 carefully before answering the questions.

1. After thought and reflection evaluate your concept of womanhood.

2. Have your ideas about womanhood changed since you became a Christian? If you have been a Christian since you were young, how has your concept changed over the years?

3. Think of a woman you admire as an outstanding Christian. Why do you esteem her?

4. Think of a powerful woman in the secular world. Name the negative results of her influence of women.

5. Who is your favorite female character in the Bible? What characteristics does she have that makes her so admired?

6.From Titus 2:1-5 list the qualities God admires. Next to them write the opposite of those qualities.

7. How do the qualities you esteem compare or conflict with the list above?

8.All women are not ready to teach, or be proper example, to others. What are the prerequisties according to our passage?

9.How can a woman manifest behavior as becometh holiness to God? Why do you think this quality is named first?

10.Why is control of the tongue (not false accusers) so important? Can you think of an example when God's name bas been dishonored or His work hindered by a slandering woman?

11. Define temperance. Why is it important for a godly woman to be free of addiction to wine, or any excess?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ever Wish You Were A Superhero?

Ever wish you were a super hero?
Not for the super powers or the awesome technology or because you win the guy or girl of your dreams (even though that's sooo cool) but because you really wanted to do something great with your life. Because superheros always stand for whats right and true. They arent like everyone else; they have honor, courage, strength, morals, and faith. They give everything, every part, of themselves for something bigger and more important. To look at them in their alter ego, human self... they tend to blend in. To look at them you wouldn't think "There's a Superhero." And how many of our everyday heros are just like that?

Sometimes I dream of being a "superhero". Put right the wrongs, fighting for truth and justice, showing the world that there's a better way, a right way, and having unmeasureable faith in the Lord above and to do great things because of that faith. I look at my heros, the people that I've always looked up to and tried to emulate. I look at my life and realize the Lord has given me so much and what have I done with it? I think that is my biggest fear. That no matter how much I do or give it's never enough for what Christ did for me. Not that I'm trying to earn my way into Heaven or buy my salvation with good works. It doesn't work that way. I know that I know that I'm saved and that I've put my trust in Christ alone. Now that I am saved though (and have been for 20 years now) It's not enough just to be saved. I want to do all I can for the cause of Christ and to help others. I don't want to waste a moment but so often I wonder if I have. 

What is that niche that I am to fill? Am I already in it or does it still wait for me to step up? I was made for something otherwise I wouldn't be here. I know that. My life in and of itself isn't worth much. It is but a vapor, a single grain of sand amongest billions of other grains of sand. My breath, my very being, held in the palm of His hand. The great I AM is my Lord and Master and He controls the fate and path of my life. I want to do great things, I dream of being a "superhero" of faith. I'm afraid that I fall short of what I could be for Him, of what He wants me to be.

I know that the truth is that in putting my faith and trust in Him and giving Him complete control in my life will fullfill that desire to do everything He would have me to and to become all He intends for me to be. But I just wanted to put my thoughts and feelings out there. Kind of like a public journal entry or something. Just to share... maybe you've felt the same way and have the same desire to be what God would have you to be. Maybe you are far wiser than I am and have figured out the answer to this silly fear and have some thing to share in return. Maybe you just want to say, "Hey, I'm right there with ya."  

I'll end by saying... I wish I were a Superhero. Haha

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New FB Page

just letting everyone know that I've created a FaceBook page to share the sewing skills the Lord gave me with others. It's called Katie's Kreations. Check it out @

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are You Anemic?

Webster's defines Anemia as the quatitative deficiency of hemoglobin. Another definition from the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia says it is a condition in which the body doesn't have enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to body tissue.

Anemia can have lots of causes and symtoms depending on what type it is and the prognosis can be just as varied; but in short, common sense will tell us that you are not going to do very well if your body doesn't get the oxygen it needs and in most s could eventually cause death in some form or another.

Now let us apply this to our walk with the Lord... Physically our bodies can't live without oxygen and when you have something like anemia which prevents you from getting that, one can't survive to thrive properly. Spiritually speaking, apart from God the same thing will happen to a person. One difference between physical anemia and spiritual anemia is that all the causes of spiritual anemia can be summed up under one word... sin. Just like a poor diet of the wrong kinds of food can cause anemia due to iron or B12 deficiency, if you allow sinnful things into your life it will cause spiritual anemia from a deficiency of the presence and power of God in your life.

To know if you are spiritually anemic you have to do an examination and look for symptoms. You can do a "self-examination" but the best way is to see the "Great Physisian"; God Himself. Through His Holy Word, He can be right there with you and point out every cause of your "sickness".

Job asked the question in Job 13:23 "How many are mine iniquities and sins? make me to know my transgression and my sin."

You can't be rid of the problem if you don't know the cause.

Psalm 4:4 "Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed,a nd be still. Selah."

Psalm 26:2 "Examine me, O LORD, and prove me: try my reins and my heart."

Psalm 27:6 "I call to rememberance my song in the night: I commune with mine own heart: and my spirit made diligent search." 

Psalm 139: 23& 24 " Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting."

(other verses: Psalm 119:59, Jeremiah 17:9, Hag. 1:7, Matt. 26:22, Mark 14:19, 1 Cor. 11: 27& 28, 2 Cor. 13:5, and Gal. 6:3)

Sometimes that sin is not an outward act like lying or stealing, sometimes those are merely symptoms of secret sin of the heart.

"Whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart so is he..."

What would cause the symptom of lying or stealing but not having a right relationship with God? If one has a right relationship with God then sin and darkness can not be in him. "For what fellowship hath light with dark?" "If God be for us, who can be against us?" I know I'm just paeaphrasing those verses but you see what I mean...

You want a good verse to get you started on your "spiritual anemia" testing? Go with Lamentations 3:40 "Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the Lord." In this passage alone you can see where spiritual sickness can lead; the Lord's anger kindled and being slain (v.43), separation from God and prayers unanswered (v.44), a ruined testimony (v.46), desolation and distruction (v.47). Without proper "treatment" this is your prognosis. But it doesn't have to be.

Treatment for Spiritual Anemia can be found in 1 John, starting with chapter 1; among other scripture. Starting in 1 John 1:7 and going through the rest of the book.
But let's look at 1 John 1:9 first: "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." This is the beginning of treatment. For a physically anemic person this would be like a blood transfusion. You're getting rid of sin and it is replaced with the righteousness of Christ. 1 John 2:2 "And he, [Christ], is the propitition for our sins: and not for our sins only, but also for the sins of the whole world."

For the sake of our analogy we might call this our "short term treatment" for spiritual anemia. It is a restored relationship with God, but one should always seek a "long term treatment" to keep that right relationship with God and be rid of Spiritual Anemia.

My mother would call them "the basics" but I like the short poem that follows to explain...

Advice to All Christians

Five things, if remembered, will help you each day;
Obeyed, they will keep you from going astray;
Though Satan may tempt you and trials betide
You surely will conquer, and in Christ abide.

Keep Looking to Jesus. He never can fail
And walk in His footsteps in every detail
The world's vain allurements will vainsh from sight
By "looking to Jesus" your Savior and Light.

Read Daily Your Bible if you would be strong
To witness for Jesus and overcome wrong
"The Author", "The Book" and "the Doer" abide
But they who neglect it, will surely backslide.

Pray Without Ceasing This will bring you to Him
Who cleanses and keeps you a victor o'er sin
There's nothing so great that our God cannot do
And nothing so small but He'll undertake too.

Confess Him To Others be bold for your King
To those who are lying in darkness and sin
What help can you better to all recommend
Than this blessed Jesus... the needy one's Friend?

Do Something For Jesus He did all for you
Your joy find in willing His sweet will to do
So seeking to please Him through life day by day
his presence gladden each step of your way.

So finally I ask you, are you anemic? Do you have any signs or symptoms that indicate that something is wrong spiritually? If so, then you should jet an examination and get the spiritual treatment you so badly need. Christ came to heal that which is sick and to find that which was lost...