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" In my opinion, the great single need of the moment is that light-hearted superficial religionists be struck down with a vision of God high and lifted up, with His train filling the temple. The holy art of worship seems to have passed away like the Shekinah glory from the tabernacle. As a result, we are left to our own devices and forced to make up the lack of spontaneous worship by ...bringing in countless cheap and tawdry activities to hold the attention of the church people." ~ A.W. Tozer

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wahoo Cooking Success!!!

For any of you that know much about me then you could probably safely assume that cooking isn't really my thing. Though I can cook,( I do have that skill), and most often it turns out well; it just isn't something I get overly excited about.

Tonight though I had a hankering to try my hand at something new. I had seen in our pantry some cans of Pineapple chunks in their juice, it said. I got to thinking about my mother's Easy Pie recipe and how you can pick out any fruit you want to put in it. Well, most often we use cherries, apples, peaches, strawberries... you know, typical pie fruits. Not tonight... I took those cans of pineapple and Scuba Duba... put all the ingredients together and a few minutes later I had Pineapple Easy Pie. It was sooooooo good! It had a very light flavor, didn't sit heavy in your mouth or on your tummy. I recommend it for a good summer treat if you don't want a very strong flavor. Oh and most certainly have some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream to go on top!

Now this pie recipe, because it's been simplified comes out looking more like a cobbler because you don't bother to make a form-able crust in the traditional pie pan. you just mix the flour, milk and sugar together and pour it in with your fruit mix. Easy as pie, (pun TOTALLY intended) hahaha... I am putting a copy of my mother's Easy Pie recipe with this blog. It will be at the end.

Now that I had the dessert figured out I had to put together something for the actual meal. I asked mom and dad if they had any plans or ideas of what they wanted to eat. Can't make anything we don't all agree on. They didn't and so I suggested a meal that had been on my mind to make for several weeks now. I had really, REALLY, thought on it so much so that I wanted it real bad.

I asked if I could make Roast Beef with Gravy and mushrooms on a bed of rice as a main course and then we had green beans and corn off the cob for sides. What a hit!! HOME RUN, TOUCH DOWN, HOLE IN ONE!!! :) I was pleased that they liked it, but mostly that it didn't turn into a complete mess in the kitchen. Thankfully, our kitchen is still in one piece. One more thing to be thankful for as well.... DISHWASHER! haha.. All I had to do is clean off the table and pile all the dishes into the dishwasher for washing later when it is full.

Ahh... now that was one satisfying supper success...

Mom's Easy Pie Recipe

1/2 cup melted butter
2 cups sugar (or splenda if you're like us)
4 cups of fruit (any kind)
1 cup self rising flour
1 cup milk

Start by putting 1 cup of your sugar in a pan with your fruit and bring to a boil. Stir to keep from burning. Melt the butter in the pan that you will be baking your pie in. Combine the flour, milk, and remaining sugar in a bowl and mix gently until all lumps are gone and pour it in with the melted butter. Next you want to take your fruit/sugar mixture and pour it on top of everything else in your pie pan. Bake all this in a pre-heated oven at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.

A good suggestion is that this pie will fill a MEDIUM size glass casserole dish, which is what we use to make this cobbler style pie. Have fun trying it out! Let me know how yours turns out and what kind of fruit you used...


  1. Sounds yummy I'll have to try it sometime! Emily B.

  2. I like the dishwasher idea ... I hope to try that one day! :)